How to Merge PDF Files

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Tools for merging PDF files are becoming very popular among Internet users these days - since they can provide everyone with the opportunity to easily combine several PDFs into one.

This feature can be very useful if you need to send certain forms together with other copies of said forms. This program helps you avoid losing documents, for example, when you send them attached to an email. It is much more secure to use an online platform, designed for this purpose, to merge all of your needed document samples into one.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands since our online program utilizes the highest levels of anti-virus threat protection. And if that weren’t enough, our platform doesn’t even require installation.
The website interface is easy to work with and there are no annoying advertisements and complicated registration requirements.

To combine your different documents into one file, simply follow these steps:

1 Open the service with your device

This platform works on any Internet-connected smartphone, laptop or computer - matter what operating system is installed. The only thing you need is to insert the address of the website in the search tab or type “Alto Merge PDF” into the search engine you are using. Once you open it, the homepage will be displayed. Remember, there is no need for registration since each operation is designed to be made anonymously.

2 Import your files to the platform

The second step is adding the templates you want to combine into one file. Upload the template from your device or use cloud storage. Add files one by one in the order you desire. It is possible to combine up to five samples at once. To join more documents, just repeat the operation as many times as you need, adding the other necessary samples to your main document.


3 Merge several documents into one

Once you have uploaded all templates to the service, click on the “Merge PDFs Now” option and wait a few seconds. As a result, you will get a single PDF containing all the samples you have uploaded.


4 Save the final file to your device or cloud storage

Once you have merged your templates with this online-tool, download the final sample to your device or cloud storage, since it will be automatically removed once you refresh your webpage. Afterwards you may start a new operation.

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